27 May

Secret Asian Kitchen, a Vietnamese-inspired restaurant in Secret Harbour, streamlines their operations and saves third-party commissions with the Order Spar Digital Ordering suite.

Secret Asian Kitchen strives to deliver a consistently excellent experience, whether that be in-store or online. Secret Asian Kitchen uses the Order Spar Digital Ordering Suite to give their guests a consistent, easy-to-use online ordering experience across all channels.

Ha Galbraith is owner for Secret Asian Kitchen and is responsible for making the all business related decisions including technology.

“When looking at Digital Ordering providers, we knew they had to offer online ordering. Technology is making the restaurant industry better and will continue to push it forward to even bigger and better places than it is right now,” Ha Galbraith says.

Reducing Mistakes & Streamlining Operations Through Seamless experience

When evaluating online ordering solutions, Galbraith had a long list of feature requirements, and she needed a solution that didn’t just work for her -- it had to work for employees and it had to work for guests.

Order Spar Digital Ordering suite has also cleared the phone lines significantly at Secret Asian resulting in more efficient operations and fewer errors with customers’ orders.

“It eliminates a lot of the mistakes made taking orders over the phone. Having the website and online menu takes away a lot of the errors so the customer gets exactly what they ordered,” he adds.

Increasing Online Orders to Reach More Guests

Online ordering has been growing industry-wide, with that growth expected to accelerate steeply through the end of this year and beyond exponentially specially during and after the Covid-19 pandemic. As a result, diner expectations have been shifting, with guests looking for more convenience, more ordering options, and less friction when paying for their food.

The 2019 Restaurant Success Report found that 51% of diners ordered directly from a restaurant’s website in the past month. Order Spar’s capitalized on this trend using the Order Spar Digital Ordering suite.

Secret Asian Kitchen guests have the option to order online through the restaurant’s Online Ordering website or they can place an order from their mobile phones on the  mobile web app.

Reducing Commissions From Third-Party Delivery Providers

With the shift toward more online orders, Galbraith knew they needed a solution that wouldn’t charge them 16% or 30% in commission fees like many third-party solutions.

“When you’re dealing with your third-party vendors, the biggest thing is the commission fees. Nobody wants to pay 30% in commission fees,” Galbraith points out.

Once they made the decision to add the Order Spar Digital Ordering suite, getting more guests to order directly from Secret Asian’s became a priority for Galbraith and her business partner.

Galbraith explains, “Third-party delivery is growing, online ordering is growing, takeout is growing. If I can get guests to order through our website, that’s money in my pocket.”

By getting more guests to order directly from the restaurants, Secret Asian Kitchen’s was able to see big savings on third-party commissions.

Galbraith just alone in the last 28 days has saved $600 in commissions if same orders came through Menulog.

Growing Through Additional Revenue Streams

Having Order Spar Online Ordering has allowed Secret Asian’s to add new revenue streams outside of the traffic in-restaurant.

“It allows you to operate like a big restaurant because you can have online ordering on day one,” he adds. “You can have all those features in a product that’s not that expensive. If you get Order Spar, you’re going to get the most bang for your buck.”

Website – https://www.secretasian.com.au

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